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At Peak SEO it is easy to get a Free SEO Quote. We won't force you to sit through a boring SEO consultation to find out the cost of SEO. To get your Free SEO Quote simply fill out the request form below. After you submit your request for a Free SEO Quote we will contact you with a few more questions about your website. There is no obligation and no fees associated with requesting a quote. Free SEO Quotes are currently only available for Canadian businesses.

How We Quote SEO Services

The SEO Quote is based entirely on how much work is required to tune-up your website. We do not sell page ranks nor do we sell keywords. We charge for the time required to optimize your website to make it easy to read, use, and find. Larger websites will often cost more to optimize than smaller websites. Larger websites can also target more keywords than smaller websites. SEO services can literally cost as little or as much as your want. It all depends on how big you want to get.

The first step to generating your SEO Quote involves taking a look at your website. We then determine your industry and take a look at some of your top competitor's websites. This will let us know what we are up against. Your quote is based on how many hours we will need to spend to perform any required SEO-related tasks. Your quote will be the total cost. There will be no additional charges unless you agree to have additional work performed.

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