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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SERVICES

SEO Services are used to get more targeted traffic to your website through organic search results. Organic Search Results are webpages that appear on Search Engine Listings pages because of their relevance to a search term. It is not enough for your website to show up in the search results only when somebody searches for your company name. How are your potential customers going to find your website if they don't know what your business' name is? Our SEO Services will help people find your website when they search for some of the most popular search terms in your industry!


Regardless of your website's final position in the search engines; if your SEO Services don't produce beneficial results then it was a wasted effort. When I say beneficial results I mean results that give you a return on your investment. When we are talking about SEO Services then your best gain is targeted traffic to your website. The whole purpose of performing Search Engine Optimization is to make it as easy as possible for fresh new visitors to find your website. At Peak SEO all of our services are results driven. We don't sell bogus keyword packages or prepackaged SEO deals. We take pride in our work and won't do anything unless it will benefit your website's online presence.


It is important that SEO Services are performed in a way that look natural. There is nothing worse than a webpage that is full of broken sentences and gigantic bold lettered keywords everywhere. All content creation should be done with human beings in mind and not just the search engines. At Peak SEO we provide natural looking SEO Services that will blend into your website's functional purpose. It is important that visitors to your website find the content engaging and useful. If too many people leave your website immediately after they land on it then the search engines could deem the site to be of little use or interest and penalise your search position. Let us help you by creating content that is information-rich and keyword-relevant.


A large part of the inspiration for Peak SEO was the desire to expose the truth about SEO Services. The truth is that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may not be as complicated as you think. Some SEO Companies try to sell SEO packages based on guaranteed search engine positioning. Others may claim to be "authorized SEO Consultants" or claim to be "authorized" by whatever Search Engine they are offering to get you on the front page of. These are both misleading statements. First of all how can you guarantee a position in a Search Engine that you do not own? Secondly, there are few if any Search Engine Companies who actually offer a certification or level of credential recognition to anyone who offers SEO Services. The certifications that are available typically only verify that the SEO Consultant follows recommended SEO guidelines; it doesn't mean that the SEO Consultant is any better at it than anyone else.

So, how does SEO really work? The simple and straight truth is that there are only two main things that really determine how well your website will perform in the Search Engines. The first thing that determines your websites position is quality and quantity of content. The second thing is popularity. That's it... that's all! That means if you have enough quality content that is really written well then you may not need tonnes of backlinks or even a Social Media presence. I have personally ranked many websites on the front page of the most popular Search Engines without even creating a Facebook profile. Social Media presence definitely helps BIG TIME... but is not always needed. Of course there are other factors such as website structure and technical functionality that do play a part.


At Peak SEO we believe it is important for anyone to understand the SEO Services that they are paying for. SEO Consultants do not sell keywords or Search Engine positions. A true SEO Consultant or provider of SEO Services is simply someone who understands what the Search Engines like to see and who can execute the required changes. At Peak SEO we have a very strong understanding of how Search Engines work and we have excellent writing skills! Below is a breakdown of our SEO process. The time that is required to complete these tasks is unique to each website.

  1. Select Some Keywords: It is important to target keywords that will help people find your business. Simply give us a list of keywords to start with or we can help you choose. Keyword research is nothing more than deciding how beneficial a top position for a selected keyword would be. At Peak SEO we can usually tell within a few minutes whether or not your keyword list needs revisions. There is no set limit for the number of keywords you can choose for your website but it is recommended to limit it to no more than five keywords per site page. Other keywords can be added with time but it will take way longer to see results if you are focused on too broad of a range of categories. We will initially assess up to 50 keywords per customer at no charge. We will tell you the average monthly search volume as well as the estimated number of competing sites. If you require a more detailed report we can do this for an additional charge.

  2. Determine the SEO Challenge: The next step is to determine the difficulty level. We do this by looking at your competitors websites to find out how much work we are up against. We look at such things as how much content their websites have, how aggressively they have targeted the selected keywords, and how popular their websites are. If the top ten websites have little or no useful textual content then we know that is a good place to start in order to outrank them. By the time we have completed this task we should have a general idea of overall cost for the SEO Services and a time frame for completion. At Peak SEO we are experienced enough to complete this step without any charge for most smaller websites within industries of low to moderate competition. Call it a free estimate if you wish. If your website requires a comprehensive SEO Audit then an additional charge may be required.

  3. Develop a SEO Strategy: Once we have determined which keywords we are going to target and have determined how much work is required it is time to develop a strategy. Usually little more than creating a whole bunch of well thought up content for your website is required. Other than that there may be some technical aspects that need to be looked at. Things like properly constructing XML Sitemaps and a well organized hierarchy and page layout are also important.

  4. Monitor Performance & Adjust Accordingly: Search Engine Optimization is not an exact science. It is important to closely monitor your website's performance in case any adjustments need to be made. Once the agreed upon changes have been made to your site it could take a while to see significant improvements in your search position. With that being said, it shouldn't take too long to see SOME results. Everybody has different beliefs on how long it should take to see improvement in your Search Engine position after completing your SEO Services. Some say weeks... Some say months... and some will even try to lock you into a 1 to 3 year, or longer, contract. At Peak SEO we believe technology works a little faster than that. I believe if you don't see at least some improvement in your search engine positions within a month then you might want to revisit your strategy and make some adjustments as needed.


Even Google says that no one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. At Peak SEO we guarantee quality of service and that we will perform the tasks that were agreed upon. We guarantee that we will never do anything that is considered to be unethical or potentially damaging to your website's ability to get indexed in the Search Engines. SEO Services are not the act of selling Search Engine positions. SEO Services are the knowledge and labour you need to improve your chances of acquiring those top Search Engine positions. We guarantee that we will perform those services very well!


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  • Keyword Research & Planning
  • Site Structure & Content Assessment
  • Content Creation
  • Performance Monitoring & Reporting
  • On-page & Off-page SEO Strategy Planning
  • Website Technical Troubleshooting
  • Friendly and Honest SEO Advice


The cost of SEO Services at Peak SEO is $35/Hour. The total cost will vary by website and industry. We don't lock you into ongoing monthly contracts. You are paying for actual services performed. If you choose to continue with additional services upon completion of your initial services then that is entirely up to you. Businesses with smaller budgets as well as startups may wish to take advantage of our "Pay As You Grow SEO" services.


Okay, I'm sure some of you may have found the long, drawn-out explanation above to be very amusing. For those of you who just want the simple answer of how SEO works and what you are paying for, here it goes...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to improve a website's chances of showing up near the top of the Search Results, in a Search Engine, for a desirable set of keywords or phrases. Legitimate SEO Service providers do not sell Search Engine positions. Honest SEO Consultants sell the labour and knowledge required to help your website achieve those desired rankings. Honestly, in order to get your website on the front page of any search results all you have to do is have a website that is better than the top 10! If you want to find out how to make your website better than the top 10 you can contact us and ask us to check out your website!

In a Nutshell: SEO Services cost as much as the amount of work it will take to make your website have better content or more popularity points than the current top sites.